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Art is my passion. When I paint, it’s a very intimate and spiritual process. I reach my essence and connect with my true self. I not only want to create something visually aesthetic. My paintings carry inspiring messages. I want people to see my art and identify with it, and ask themselves who they are, what they feel, what they wish… I desire, with humbleness, to help inspire and raise the human spirit and bring a message of hope. I feel that I have a mission of spreading positive energy to the people as well as the spaces where my art resides.

B i o g r a p h y

Madian Porrata-Doria was born in Puerto Rico in 1975. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental Design (1998) and a Master in Architecture (2001), both from the School of Architecture of the University of P.R. She is the owner of the Madian Porrata-Doria Studio Gallery, located on Calle San Claudio in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Porrata-Doria has exercised the profession of architecture and simultaneously developed as an artist. In the early 90' she studied art courses in la Liga de Arte de San Juan. Since then she concentrated more in the medium of  linocut printmaking but in recent years she has focused more in painting. Her paintings have been exhibited in well-known art galleries in Puerto Rico. She has exhibited her artworks in various group and solo shows. Her paintings are part of private collections in and outside Puerto Rico.


Porrata-Doria’s paintings reveal a big influence from her experience in printmaking and architecture. She has developed a very particular style by experimenting with taking her graphic art’s vocabulary to her paintings. She finds inspiration in the forms found in nature, from a small detail in a flower to the fluid shapes of a topography. Her work is very detailed, with controlled strokes and a predominantly use of black. Porrata-Doria’s artworks carry inspiring messages with the purpose of spreading positive energy to the people and spaces where her paintings reside.


She lives and works in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


2001                Master in Architecture, School of Architecture, UPR, Puerto Rico

1998                Bachellor in Environmental Design, School of Architecture, UPR, Puerto Rico

Scholarships and Awards

2001                Best Thesis Award  (Jaime Cobas Award), “Conector Cultural Urbano”, School of Architecture, UPR

1999-2001    MIT, UPR, & Tren Urbano Scholarship Program , Boston, MA & San Juan, PR 

2000-2001    Public Art Program Intership at Tren Urbano, PR

Solo Shows

2018               “Recent Paintings", Madian Porrata-Doria Studio Gallery opening, San Juan PR

2017               Pop-up show, “Art Night”, Anchor Village, Palmas del Mar PR

                         (hosted by Galería del Mar and Chez Daniel)

2016               “Animal Wisdom”, Galería Petrus, Miramar PR

Group Shows

2023              "Momentum", Sofía Arsuaga Studio Gallery, San Juan, PR

2023              "Pasando Factura", I AM Art, Santurce, San Juan, PR

2019              "Encuentros", pinturas y esculturas, Pamil Fine Art, Guaynabo, PR

2019              “Un lenguaje personal", Gruppo Italia, Guaynabo, PR

2019              “Vivas", women's exhibition, Asoc. de Artistas Plásticos de PR, Museo de la Hist. de Ponce, Ponce, PR

2018-19       “Viva el arte", mail art itinerant exhibition, Asoc. de Artistas Plásticos de PR, PR

2018              "Bloom" (group show of represented artists), Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, San Juan PR

2017              "Christmas Show" (of represented artists), Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, San Juan PR

2017              “Splash” (group show of represented artists), Biaggi & Faure Fine Art, San Juan PR

2017              “Art Show”, Galería del Mar, Palmas del Mar, Humacao PR

2016              “Generación Reactiva”, Arte @Plaza (Galería Petrus), Plaza las Américas, San Juan, PR

2016              “Millenials for Millenials”, Galería Petrus, Miramar PR

2016              “1500”, Galería Petrus, Miramar PR

2011              “El grabado en Puerto Rico”, Galería José Tous Soto de la Cámara de Representantes, Capitolio de PR

                          (Jornadas del grabdo de PR)

1997-2017   Exhibition Booth at Fiestas de la Calle San Sebastián

C u r r i c u l u m   V i t a e

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